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Eadeh Enterprises

Eadeh Family continues the legacy of Eadeh Enterprises founder Ernest Eadeh. Strongly supporting small businesses and the community, their generosity in giving back to area projects and organizations gives our staff opportunities to participate in service projects, golf outings and other community activities, helping to make the world and our town a better place.

The family cares about our tenants in a way the big corporate entities cannot. We care deeply about our tenants as people. This makes business decisions easy, but even when sometimes things get a bit difficult we always try to do “the right thing.”

“Together We Will Exceed Your Expectations!”
Eadeh Enterprises
Stacey Ballard, President
Stacey Ballard, President

Stacey Ballard, President

Stacey Ballard has worked for Eadeh Enterprises since 1988 (she started when she was five years old–wink wink!). Originally from north central PA, she planted herself on the Main Line after completing graduate school at Villanova University.

Starting at the bottom of the Eadeh ladder, Stacey drove dump trucks, dug ditches and carried lumber while working her way through the ranks. She tackled more significant tasks and assumed more important responsibilities as time passed and the company grew, and for many years she stood at Ernest Eadeh’s right hand before stepping into her current role of president of the company.

Stacey is well versed in commercial real estate practices and knows all of the questions to ask to best match businesses with their real estate needs. She loves the small-town, wave-to-your-neighbor feel of the Main Line. Her mentor Ernest Eadeh truly loved living and working here and always gave back generously to the community, and she is dedicated to continuing that tradition!

Stacey lives in Berwyn and is unconditionally loved by her wiener dog, The Marvelous Vin Maisel, CTO (Chief Treat Officer), who plays a vital role daily at the Eadeh Enterprises office as official greeter, tail-wagger and Instagram sensation!

Dave Black, Facilities Manager

Dave Black, Facilities Manager

Dave Black was hired over 20 years ago because he worked in a flower shop! It might sound crazy, but there are a lot of similarities because customer service is the key to success in both! As Facilities Manager, that’s where Dave excels. He truly cares about our tenants and our buildings!

Dave collects fun gnomes in his garden, enjoys his pool in the summer and decorating his home with lights in the winter. He has always been committed to rescuing dogs. He has three from the SPCA even before it was fashionable. His deep baritone voice resonates in our office, in the cab of his truck or the sanctuary of his church when he is speaking or singing. His two loves are his wife and his daughter. He’s old fashioned in many ways and he is a gentleman and a gentle man. 

Sharon Burchard, Accounts Receivable

Sharon Burchard, Accounts Receivable

Sharon Burchard heads up the Accounts Receivable end of our office. Honestly, she should have been a National Parks Park Ranger but we were thrilled that she loved Excel spread sheets almost as much!

During December, Sharon is married to and manages Santa Claus! (Seriously, he knows if you’ve been bad or good so pay your rent for goodness sake!) Sharon is that sweet Mrs. Claus, that fun mom everyone in the neighborhood remembers, and amazing grandmother to four active, outdoorsy kids! If the devil is in the details, then Sharon might just have horns under her North Pole bonnet!

Linda Katarynick, Accounts Payable

Linda Katarynick, Accounts Payable

Linda Katarynick joined our team through our connections with Rotary! She and her husband recently served as the Rotary District 7450 Governor and First Lady, but she is a talented and able leader herself. A retired U.S. Army sergeant first class and platoon leader, Linda keeps our Accounts Payable in order and at attention!

An avid runner who also loves a good beer, she is a rubber ducky aficionado as well! She has hundreds of them (or maybe thousands!) and she always brings along a few of them themed up for any event! In Rotary she was keeping her “Ducks in a Row,” At Eadeh she has been fantastic at keeping our Bucks in Tow! You might think that last comment was corny or you might think its ducky. Either way, we salute our veteran and we’re honored to have her on our team!

Pictured to the left is Shirley or “Aunt Shirl”, Linda’s rescue bulldog, the biggest sweetheart that you’ll hear coming from a mile away. 

Joanne Marks, Office Manager

Joanne Marks, Chief Operating Officer

Joanne Marks, our COO, worked as a paralegal for more than 20 years before coming to Eadeh Enterprises. She’s all the best parts of Mary Poppins, an Eagle Scout and Mr. T! She is resourceful and innovative, and always prepared. She can be tough as nails but has compassion and empathy deep within her heart.

Joanne is the proud momma of a Fire Fighter/Paramedic, a beautiful Penn State Nittany Lioness and a Soccer Fanatic!

Her addictions range from working out (I pity the fool who messes with her; that gal has some guns–she dead-lifts over 300 pounds!) to all things techie. She loves to figure out how to make our technology function better and fix stuff we screw up!

To the left are Joanne’s pride and joy, Porter and Charley. Perfect Porter is aptly named so by Joanne for his A+ behavior. Charley is definitely boisterous for his age and is never too shy to voice his opinion.

Mike Nolan, Construction Supervisor

Mike Nolan, Construction Supervisor

Mike Nolan is our in-house sports aficionado. He is a huge Eagles fan, he coordinates our March Madness pool, and he represents Eadeh in all things golf. And in a previous life, Mike was a tennis pro! (Seriously, all you’ll be left with on the court is “love.”)

As our construction supervisor, Mike oversees tenant fit-out, large projects and coordinates subcontractors work. By trade he is a finish carpenter and his sons have continued the proud tradition in the trades as well. Ask Mike about his top-10 lists. Ask Mike about country music. Ask Mike about his new grandchildren! He’s our tough guy (not!) and he cares deeply about our team as well as our tenants, and he takes great personal pride in producing quality work in a timely fashion!

Pictured to the left are Mike’s dogs Sammy and Barkley, a rescue from one our mobile home parks with the floppiest ears you’ve ever seen. 


Keiran Ryan, Vice President of Leasing

Splitting his time between learning the business end of a shovel and learning the business end of a development project, Keiran started as an intern at Eadeh.  His finance background, his mid-western roots and his sense of humor made him a perfect full time fit for this crew!!  Passionate about Phillies baseball and a strong hold on his own in the hot corner – he’s a strategic thinker – throwing out questions and fielding information so that he can best match a client’s needs to our portfolio. 

Fiercely loyal to his team, this young tater is the future Babe Ruth of real estate….and he’s already hitting it out of the park!!

To the left is Telli Ryan, Keiran’s energetic golden retriever puppy who is both learning new tricks and getting in trouble everyday.


Lily Tooher, Marketing & Community Outreach Manager

Lily is our BoHo social media master!! With her signature high top chucks, she’s energetic, creative and a wiz with graphic design that have elevated our presence online – both professionally and boosting our office follies!! She is smart and a smarty pants which we attribute to her international background – half Irish, half German, born in Netherlands and grew up in the USA as a typical American Mutt!! And she has taught these Old Dogs new tricks and new lingo. So if I do say so myself….”high key our posts have me dead, I have the receipts”…..or something like that – she’s good, really good. Slay Momma.

Pictured to the left is Margot the tuxedo cat who’s always ready for a black tie event with her dazzling attire.

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